The Perfect Shot

Courtesy of lil fucker ——– I rule! I know…..Stay tuned for additional commentary.


Update: In case you didn’t know that little gem is from Finger Fucker. Let’s just say that for a few years now, I’ve been on a mission to help tiny dick men like finger fucker EMBRACE and ACCEPT their inadequacies. My goal has been simple really, no more denying it guys. No more penis enlargement pills and dick extenders , although it is fun to listen to them tell me about their failed attempts at reaching a “normal” size ( and also it’s even better when they click my affiliate links on the right to purchase said miracle cures). If you have a little dick accept and recognize that you’ll never be “Mr. Super Stud”. Find other ways to feel good about yourself.

For instance, finger fucker has foundĀ  solace in web cam exhibitionism. He loves getting on cam for me and other hot chicks. and he’s definitely not ashamed of his tiny little wiener. Although it’s so small I sometimes I have to use my 21 inch wide screen monitor instead of my laptop screen to watch him.

He loves making and signs for me and he knows that from a legal standpoint I pretty much own his tiny lil ass! He’s smart, wickedly so, but he’s no match for me even at 2 am in the morning. LOL

Good-bye for now, I’ll be around later tonight with another wise post and a few juicy ff photos. Stay tuned.


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