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The Bitch is Back…

I’m officially back from my vacation and taking fetish phone sex calls on It’s feel great to be back in the swing of things and my phone has been ringing off the hook with eager little bois glad to have me back.  Tonight I’ll be logged on and taking calls so load up your accounts and give me a ring.



Call Jenna Nicole for phone sex on

Same old finger fucker….

Saturday I got a surprise call from my little finger finger. It’s been awhile since we chatting, but it’s safe to say he’s still the same lil poor sucker with the micro weiner. Being the cam whore that he is, he couldn’t help but show his tiny little thumbtack on Yahoo cam for me. Here are a few shots of his small penis:

I got a few more juicy snapshots, but I don’t think I’ll post those JUST yet. One is HIGHLY incriminating. HeeHee

Phone Sex Email of the Week

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I get so many emails, but this one was really funny to me:

Subject: but…

Date: Jul 04, 2016 09:01 PM

can you dominate a man? and force him into panties

Like seriously? I rock at forced feminization. Just ask all my sissy bitches or check my feedback. As for domination, I WAS born to rule. Check my feedback bitches……haha

SN: I’m so loving these random tributes that I’ve been getting lately. First it was my forced intox lover Brian, then it’s my little finance wimp David. Keep up the good work bois. 🙂



Who wants to pay my Amex?

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Every month, I usually have a few suckers clamoring to pay my Amex bill, but this month I don’t seem to have any takers. So far no one has clicked on the Amex tribute button on my listing yet. I’m just a tad bit upset. A few weeks ago I went a small spending spree and racked up almost $3700 in charges and I’d prefer not to use  MY money to pay it off.  So get to clicking dolls and lets get my balance down to zero.

Click and Pay My Amex Bill!



There’s no bitch like…

my ghetto phone sex ho! I love my ghetto phone sex bitch that loves to go trolling in the hood for big black cock in her 745 beamer. She’s such a slut haha and last night she sent the most amazing pictures of her devouring peen. I shared them with my girlies and we had an awesome time. Thanks for the pictures and cash, “Laquisha” aka Bradford!



P.S. It’s so amazing to pimp my phone sex sissy hos out!

Travel bug…

Been missing me? I’ve gotten a serious case of the travel bug and I haven’t been around lately. I’m very fortunate to have a job that enables to me to travel frequently. I’ve been taking advantage of that and since I’m working on becoming a certified diver I’ve literally been a beach bum hitting up dive spots across the U.S. It’s been awesome.

My next destination is Costa Rica. I’ve wanted to go there for awhile now and since I’ve postponed my Asia trip indefinitely my bff and I booked a flight to CR. I’m so excited and I’m looking forward to doing a shitload of adventure stuff and seeing the rainforest. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.

A lot of people have asked me about doing  a picture blog of my travels and I may do that for my next trip — provided that I get enough Amazon gift certificates to by a nice small digital camera. 😉  I have a Canon Rebel SLR , but  I really don’t like lugging that around on international trips. It’s sooo expensive and I’d hate for it to get stolen. I need something compact and effective.

This weekend, I will be around taking calls on Niteflirt so hit me up. I have missed my little sissy bitches and pay pigs 😉



I’m your new rehab….

Yesterday, I had an interesting forced intox call with one of my long-time phone sex intox addicts Joey. He told me that he’s like Charlie Sheen and keeps falling off the wagon.

He’d closed his Niteflirt account several months ago and vowed never to call his forced intox Princess (me) again after going on a huge bender spending thousands of dollars over the course of 36 hours. Of course after six months of playing straight and going to rehab he finally broke down and called me. After hours of partying, boozing and confessing how hard it was to stay away from me for six months and 22 days he finally said something profound, “Who needs rehab when I have you Princess…..”.

Want to experience forced intox with me or learn more about my philosophy of managed addiction give me a call…….

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1.800.863.5478 ext. 0251-4336

Oh yes I love roleplay phone sex

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In addition to fetish phone sex fantasies, I adore doing creative phone sex role plays — the more outlandish they better. If you check my feedback on Niteflirt, you’ll find that I am renowned for sexy, creative storytelling too. I just got finished doing this yummy Golden Globes themed role play fantasy that featured January Jones in her infamous red slut dress. 😉 Fun times……



1.800.863.5478 ext. 0269-3161

Call me NOW for Sexy, Creative Role Play Phone Sex!


Hi just wanted to pop in and let you know that I’ll be on vacation until Jan 2nd. I’ll be ringing in the New Year on an amazing island with my hot, sexy bf. Perfect life for me hahah. Thanks for all the Christmas gifts and tributes. A special thanks goes out to to my financial club members who definitely made this trip possible. LOL 🙂 It’s been a prosperou$ year for me and I hope that 2011 will be even more fruitful.  Or perhaps I should rephrase that and say that I KNOW you boys will work hard to ensure that next year is even better for me. Also, I have a lot of yummy treats and initiatives in store for next year. Stay tuned for my special Jan promo — which I was supposed to launch this month, but decide to save for January. It’s going to be EPIC!

Happy New Year,


Better than late never…

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As I was browsing through my pictures, I found some old photos of my exhibitionist finger fucker that I thought that I would share with the masses…

Cute right…..he does relish showing off his tiny little pickle (heehee — pun intended) !

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