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Solo sex, group sex, two-some sex…..I just LOVE sex. Lately, I’m rediscovering the joys of solo-masturbation and I just bought a new water vibe to replace my magic bullet that I broke. I swear I go through sooo many of them, I should just start ordering them in bulk.  Or maybe I should start my own sex toy company. I’m definitely an expert 🙂

Fun tidbit: SELLS sex toys. I so didn’t know this, but I’ve recently moved into a new place and a nice generous caller sent me an O e-gift certificate to buy some decorative items. I had an odd amount of dollars left and I knew I couldn’t buy much with like $14, so I started searching their site and stumbled across the naughty section. Score one for me! So that’s where I found this new baby. It definitely packs a punch.

Since it’s been so unbearably hot lately, I’ve found the perfect way to cool down and relax after a long day. I usually grab a nice chilled bottle of wine, get my water vibe, and sit in my nice jetted tub for a little fun.  I’ve been a bit sexually frustrated lately…perhaps because I’m not getting my needed nightly O’s so this has been a fun way to ease my tension. Today I’m playing hooky from work, so I think I’ll go take a nice long relaxing both and ease a bit of tension 😉



P.S. I’ll be around tonight taking calls, so give me a ring. I can think of a few naught guys I’d love to hear from….

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