Killin’ these sluts…

Well this weekend was fun in so many fanta$tic ways. The niteflirt piggies, sluts, and wimps came out of the woodwork to worship and tribute my greatness. Let’s just call it the “Valentine’s Day Massacre”, because I slaughtered a lot of lonely losers. *Giggles* Holidays are so much fun, because being the smart psych major that I am I know that those are the times when when lonely people hit rock bottom and of course I’ll be there to exploit that to the highest degree. I think I lost count of how many fun forced intoxication and humiliation calls that I did. Shouts out to brandon, martin, danni, timmie, and all the other booze/ski-heads that I talked to. We must do this again….next weekend if you didn’t die of shock the next day when your realized how much cash you spent. LOL Oh and let’s not forget to mention my mystery sissy who is too much of a pussy to even call me, because he’s smart enough to recognize that I can be dangerous. Instead we’ve been having a little pay per view fun and so he’s so drawn to be me that he’s been faithfully tributing me without even having the privilege¬† hearing my strong, alluring voice. Now THAT’S the power of JEnNI!!!

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