I love my sissies and cucks!

I know I haven’t posted in almost a damn month but I have been extremely busy. In between taking tons of calls on Niteflirt and making a lot of money, I’ve been busy living my oh so fabulous “pseudo-rock star life”! I call it pseudo, because I definitely don’t “party” as hard as some rock starts but I do like to have a little fun every now in then. Especially on my forced intoxication line, I love draining the wallets of drunk losers as they get wasted over the phone. There’s something extremely thrilling about pushing someone to their limits and then making them go over the edge!

Saturday night, was really interesting for me because I had this total ski head on the line. He was totally buzzed and I really enjoyed delving into his intoxicated mind.

It’s amazing what people tell you when you’re drunk. I got “Nicky” to reveal his dirty little desire to suck cock not just any cock—it seems Nicky was fascinated by big black cock. I really had fun, teasing and tormenting about his secret sissy fantasies. Yes that’s right not only did Nicky want to suck some big black cock, he also wanted to dress up like a sissy slut.

He wanted to be a black cock loving whore and I really had a blast on the phone. Nicky was so impressed with my forced feminization skills that he kept calling me repeatedly begging for more humiliation. After hundreds of dollars and a lot of laughs I logged off, so that I could hook up with MY black lover Jermaine. LoL


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