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Niteflirt Jackathon Goin’ Strong

May is National Masturbation Month and I have been having a blast participating in the Niteflirt Jackathon. I have had so many fun phone sex call on my special “Jack- Off With JenNi” line. Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten tons of calls from guys eager to participate in the jackathon. One of the […]

Jack-Off with JenNi

June UPDATE: Since National Masturbation month was sooo fun,  the lovely ladies of Niteflirt have a new sexy promotion going on –Now it’s time to “Bare It All On Niteflirt“! Read the latest post. ———————————————————————————————————————————————— Yes fellas (and girlies) this month is National masturbation month and I’m inviting all of you to join me in […]

Happy New Year!

I’m really not one for resolutions because I never end up keepin’ those mofos. However, this year I have set a few goals for myself and I thought I’d share them. Make more $$$$ in 2010 (2009 was prosperous but I’m AMBITIOUS — lol) Travel more ( I  really want to go to Asia next […]

Femme Transformation

“Mistress JenNi, please make me your girly bitch..”— my Niteflirt phone sex callers often utter. When I hear those word I get an absolute thrill! I LOVE sissies. I know that every sissy is different and I strive not offer the formulaic “sissification” that a lot of online phone dommes give their callers. I like […]

Killin’ these sluts…

Well this weekend was fun in so many fanta$tic ways. The niteflirt piggies, sluts, and wimps came out of the woodwork to worship and tribute my greatness. Let’s just call it the “Valentine’s Day Massacre”, because I slaughtered a lot of lonely losers. *Giggles* Holidays are so much fun, because being the smart psych major […]

New Year, Even More Hottness

So this is my first post of the New Year! Writing in this blog hasn’t been one of my top priorities in it probably won’t this year either. This year has already started out well, courtesy of my money piggy who just dropped a nice little sum in Niteflirt account for the hot tub that […]

Another round of humiliation…

So last night, Mr. Finger-fucker called for another round of small penis humiliation. It was quite a surprise and I guess he needed another round of my special brand of humiliation from me. Mr. Finger-fucker is quite the exhibitionist and loves displaying his shortcomings on cam. LOL….Now I have the legal binding rights to even […]

Tag-team humiliation….

So my very good friend, Goddess Sidda, passed along her finger fucker to me today and I had a blast taunting and teasing him. Sidda has told me a few stories about her blackmail puppet and I read her blog often, but I guess seeing is fuck’n believing because……WHOA!!! I must say I have seen […]

Kinky, Fetish Phone Sex with me…

So I just got done with a hot, humiliating phone sex call with Mikey! Mikey is such a little pussy boy wimp and he loves it when I hit him with my special, sexy brand of tease and denial. I love taunting him about his micro-dick and telling him about how I’m going to cuckold […]

I love my sissies and cucks!

I know I haven’t posted in almost a damn month but I have been extremely busy. In between taking tons of calls on Niteflirt and making a lot of money, I’ve been busy living my oh so fabulous “pseudo-rock star life”! I call it pseudo, because I definitely don’t “party” as hard as some rock […]

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