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Fuckover Friday!

So I’m home this Friday and I’ve decided to do a little fucking over on Niteflirt. My lines are on and I’m ready to make some bitches wimper tonight. I’d love to drain a few wallets and pimp some sluts. Give me a call now if you’re ready to partake in a bit of a […]

Cokewad Piggy Sam

My coke-wad piggy Sam is such an exhibitionist slut. [Edited: If I don’t have the rest of my money by Jan 15th these pictures will go back up along with the extremely incriminating video that I have! You’ll be fucked!]

The Bitch is Back…

I’m officially back from my vacation and taking fetish phone sex calls on It’s feel great to be back in the swing of things and my phone has been ringing off the hook with eager little bois glad to have me back.  Tonight I’ll be logged on and taking calls so load up your […]

Phone Sex Email of the Week

I get so many emails, but this one was really funny to me: Subject: but… Date: Jul 04, 2016 09:01 PM can you dominate a man? and force him into panties Like seriously? I rock at forced feminization. Just ask all my sissy bitches or check my feedback. As for domination, I WAS born to […]

There’s no bitch like…

my ghetto phone sex ho! I love my ghetto phone sex bitch that loves to go trolling in the hood for big black cock in her 745 beamer. She’s such a slut haha and last night she sent the most amazing pictures of her devouring peen. I shared them with my girlies and we had […]

Travel bug…

Been missing me? I’ve gotten a serious case of the travel bug and I haven’t been around lately. I’m very fortunate to have a job that enables to me to travel frequently. I’ve been taking advantage of that and since I’m working on becoming a certified diver I’ve literally been a beach bum hitting up […]

Femme Transformation

“Mistress JenNi, please make me your girly bitch..”— my Niteflirt phone sex callers often utter. When I hear those word I get an absolute thrill! I LOVE sissies. I know that every sissy is different and I strive not offer the formulaic “sissification” that a lot of online phone dommes give their callers. I like […]

Loser of the day

I get tons of emails daily, but this is the ULTIMATE loser email for today: From: xxxslave Sent: 3/9/2009 Subject: hi Hi please make me your bitch and make me send you pictures of me in my girl friends underware or one with her dildo or make me make a sigh and send it to […]

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