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Chaucer and Cuckolds

So as many of you know, I’m pursuing an additional degree to add to my MS and BA. Instead of delving into the psyche of human behavior, this time I’m pursuing a MA in Literature. I’m avid reader and I felt that this would be a great time to pursue one of my passions. I […]

Fuckover Friday!

So I’m home this Friday and I’ve decided to do a little fucking over on Niteflirt. My lines are on and I’m ready to make some bitches wimper tonight. I’d love to drain a few wallets and pimp some sluts. Give me a call now if you’re ready to partake in a bit of a […]

Holiday Humiliation Phone Sex

The holiday season always brings out the pathetic lonely, heart losers and I love to capitalize on that. 🙂 In the last few days I’ve had some many of many little humiliation puppets appear from out of the wood-work eager for my special brand of holiday phone sex humiliation. It truly warms my heart to […]

Bare it All With JenNi

Hmmm……the month of June is probably one of my favorite months of the year. Maybe it’s because it marks the official beginning of Summer or perhaps because I can finally start officially rocking my skimpy, sexy skirts and tank tops and lounging by the pool basking in the glorious sunshine. Whatever it is — I […]

Buy this now…

You may remember that quite sometime ago I did a post about this faboulous movie – The Cuckold that one of my slutty phone sex cuckolds told me about. Imagine my surprise, when sloppy simon eagerly called me up to tell me that little film is FINALLY available on DVD. So here’s a free humiliation […]

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