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Fuckover Friday!

So I’m home this Friday and I’ve decided to do a little fucking over on Niteflirt. My lines are on and I’m ready to make some bitches wimper tonight. I’d love to drain a few wallets and pimp some sluts. Give me a call now if you’re ready to partake in a bit of a […]

Raising the rate with little finger fucker

A few nights ago the infamous tiny dick exhibitionist returned for a little humiliation and raise the rate fun. I had a blast teasing him about his microscopic member and draining his wallet. Here are a few little pictures and I have some more JUICY pictures that I’m sure finger fucker wouldn’t like if I […]

Same old finger fucker….

Saturday I got a surprise call from my little finger finger. It’s been awhile since we chatting, but it’s safe to say he’s still the same lil poor sucker with the micro weiner. Being the cam whore that he is, he couldn’t help but show his tiny little thumbtack on Yahoo cam for me. Here […]

Meet My coke addicted fuckwad Sam

He does love him some BBC it seems….. For a good time call 901.297……well I’ll hold off for now, but if he doesn’t pay up I’ll fucking ruin him and post this pic and his phone # on every Craigslist city in his TRI STATE AREA!!! xoxox, JenNi

Loser of the day

I get tons of emails daily, but this is the ULTIMATE loser email for today: From: xxxslave Sent: 3/9/2009 Subject: hi Hi please make me your bitch and make me send you pictures of me in my girl friends underware or one with her dildo or make me make a sigh and send it to […]

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