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Chaucer and Cuckolds

Posted in cuckold, Intelligent Phone Sex  by Jenna

So as many of you know, I’m pursuing an additional degree to add to my MS and BA. Instead of delving into the psyche of human behavior, this time I’m pursuing a MA in Literature.

I’m avid reader and I felt that this would be a great time to pursue one of my passions. I have visions of myself in 25 years teaching at the collegiate level and titillating my young pupils in more ways than one. 🙂 That is one of the main reasons that I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’ve been too busy writing critical essays to blog. I’ve even neglected my Twitter.

One of my final assignments this semester involved reading The Canterbury Tales and writing a deep analysis of some of the themes within it. I can remember that the first time that I read Chaucer, I was a high senior reading this novel only as a requirement for my AP British Lit class. Back then, I was a little shocked at some of the bawdy themes within the tomes of the paper back. Who knew that Midlle English prose was this stimulating. I must say reading this the second time around was infinitely more pleasurable.

Last night, I was discussing The Miller’s Tale with one of my favorite cuckold’s Daryl and I was surprised that he’s never read Chaucer. I then immediately instructed him to download a copy from Amazon and read it. Undoubtedly, this is the first ever guide to the cuckold lifestyle.  I told him “Don’t call yourself a cuckold until you’ve read the The Miller’s Tale” — maybe that should be my new tagline on Niteflirt.  I love being able to have intelligent, sexual conversations with my callers.

I pride myself on being able to discuss pretty much everything — from the most taboo, extreme fantasies to the even obscure English literature. If you haven’t had a chance to call me or miss hearing my sexy, teasing voice I invite you to give me a call tonight.

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Fuckover Friday!

So I’m home this Friday and I’ve decided to do a little fucking over on Niteflirt. My lines are on and I’m ready to make some bitches wimper tonight. I’d love to drain a few wallets and pimp some sluts. Give me a call now if you’re ready to partake in a bit of a Friday Night Fuckery! Forced intox losers, cuckolds, and sissies are more than welcome.

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New little toy…..

Posted in Intelligent Phone Sex, Masturbation  by Jenna

Solo sex, group sex, two-some sex…..I just LOVE sex. Lately, I’m rediscovering the joys of solo-masturbation and I just bought a new water vibe to replace my magic bullet that I broke. I swear I go through sooo many of them, I should just start ordering them in bulk.  Or maybe I should start my own sex toy company. I’m definitely an expert 🙂

Fun tidbit: SELLS sex toys. I so didn’t know this, but I’ve recently moved into a new place and a nice generous caller sent me an O e-gift certificate to buy some decorative items. I had an odd amount of dollars left and I knew I couldn’t buy much with like $14, so I started searching their site and stumbled across the naughty section. Score one for me! So that’s where I found this new baby. It definitely packs a punch.

Since it’s been so unbearably hot lately, I’ve found the perfect way to cool down and relax after a long day. I usually grab a nice chilled bottle of wine, get my water vibe, and sit in my nice jetted tub for a little fun.  I’ve been a bit sexually frustrated lately…perhaps because I’m not getting my needed nightly O’s so this has been a fun way to ease my tension. Today I’m playing hooky from work, so I think I’ll go take a nice long relaxing both and ease a bit of tension 😉



P.S. I’ll be around tonight taking calls, so give me a ring. I can think of a few naught guys I’d love to hear from….

Raising the rate with little finger fucker

A few nights ago the infamous tiny dick exhibitionist returned for a little humiliation and raise the rate fun. I had a blast teasing him about his microscopic member and draining his wallet.

Here are a few little pictures and I have some more JUICY pictures that I’m sure finger fucker wouldn’t like if I posted. *Evil Grin* I haven’t decided when I’m going to post them.

Little dick, big WALLET

Raise the Rate is one my favorite phone sex games!

The Ultimate Cum Tax @ $50/min! No cumming for free with ME **heehee**!

Phone Sex Crush

Everyone knows that I’m a highly sexual person. I’m creatively, kinky and there’s nothing that turns me on more than nice intelligent sexual banter. There’s a new phone sex guy in my life that’s been giving me lots of good loving. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed our *ahem* stimulating late night encounters. It’s even hotter knowing that his wifey is upstairs sound asleep, while he’s making me tremble and scream in ecstasy. So deliciously naughty. I actually broke my bullet the last time that we talked. I guess I got a little carried away.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex Assignment

Yesterday, I did another fun phone call with my exhibitionist slut Joey. Joey loves to call me up and beg me to send him a new humiliating pay per view assignment on Niteflirt.  I sent him a really juicy assignment and I can’t wait until he sends me the proof.

He’s such a humiliation slut and loves to be publicly humiliated. I’ve made him do so many embarrassing things over the years. He loves sending me pictures and video of him completing his assignments like the obedient little puppy that I’ve trained him to be.

Speaking of puppy, I will never forget the time that I made him write Jenna’s Bitch on a white t-shirt and  go to his local pet store and buy a dog bowl, collar, and dog food. I instructed him to  then put the red collar around his neck and eat from the dog  bowl right in the middle of the store. Lmfao…Joey paid me a lot of money NOT to post those pictures on his blog though, so I won’t be sharing them.

Creative Phone Sex

Everyone that knows me should know that I loathe straight vanilla phone sex. Although I’m quite good at straight fuck and suck phone sex fantasies, they bore the hell out of me. I love doing creative, stimulating phone sex. The brain is the most sexiest part of the body and it’s very exciting to use my brain to develop kinky, out the box sexual fantasies to titillate and arouse.

The last few days I have gotten some very interesting fantasy phone sex requests. One of the my callers wanted to weave a tale of slavery in the 21st century. It was a very satisfying call.

Another regular caller wanted me to become his femme fatale wife and describe how I’d cuckold him and aid in his early demise. Here’s the thank you email he sent me after our call:

Jenna, Again, just an amazing performance. Love the details, love that deliciously hot and soft humiliation… and fuck, love those long legs, lol… so damn good. Thank you, sexy.

Intelligent, creative phone sex is my specialty and I do it well.



Forced Intox Queen and Early Xmas Presents

I’m the undisputed phone sex forced intox queen. It’s no secret that I relish getting guys wasted and having them spill all of their dirty secrets and of course spending their cash. Last night I had a really fun little intoxication call with one of my favorite forced intox guys MrJ and I got him so wasted. I love creating potent alcoholic concoctions for him to chug down his throat.

A few nights ago I also had a series of intox calls with my fave drunk goofball R. He was already pretty wasted by the time that he called me which made my work even easier. I made him take a few more shots of vodka and he passed out soon afterwards with his Niteflirt account fully loaded. He’s such an idiot — that was the easiest forced intoxication phone call ever. I was so hot to drain his account without really doing any “work”. I just surfed the internet and did a bit of online shopping with the gift certificates you boys have been sending me for Christmas. Thanks and I really need to give a special thanks to “D-S” for buying me my new iPad air. I LOVE it. Remember guys it’s not to late to get on my “good” list you can click here to check out my Amazon wishlist and then send me an Amazon gift-certificate so that I can purchase one of the items on my list. Or you can click here for other ways to spoil me.

Holiday Humiliation Phone Sex

Posted in cuckold, Humiliation Phone Sex, Niteflirt, Spoil  by Jenna

The holiday season always brings out the pathetic lonely, heart losers and I love to capitalize on that. 🙂 In the last few days I’ve had some many of many little humiliation puppets appear from out of the wood-work eager for my special brand of holiday phone sex humiliation. It truly warms my heart to tell them how pathetic and miserable their lives are as I drain their wallets.

Yesterday one of my long-time phone sex puppets, Tom, called me out of the blue because he was feeling depressed about the holiday season. His girlfriend had broke up with him a week before Thanksgiving and he was feeling especially morose. Quickly spotting an opportunity to capitalize on his weakened lonely state, I instructed Tom to purchase a copy of my Special Holiday Cocktail Recipes and we’d select a custom drink for him to drink as I “counseled” him on his problems.

After hours of discussing his inadequacies (tiny little penis, lack of sexual endurance, and extreme social awkwardness) and many shots of my special cocktail, I was able to help Tom embrace his pathetic life and $profit$ tremendously. I pointed out the bright side of his situation — because of the fact that his girlfriend dumped him he has more money to spend on my holiday gifts. Instead of buying his girlfriend those pair of Louboutins boots that he planned on buying her before she ran away with her big black cock lover he could give me a nice big holiday tribute. He also can call me on anytime that he feels down on my special Holiday Humiliation phone sex listing for a mere $2.49/minute.

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Cokewad Piggy Sam

My coke-wad piggy Sam is such an exhibitionist slut.

[Edited: If I don’t have the rest of my money by Jan 15th these pictures will go back up along with the extremely incriminating video that I have! You’ll be fucked!]

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